May 2015 Update

There’s not much going on around here.

I had a Federal hearing last month.

My new medications had been keeping me asleep fourteen to sixteen hours a day, but now I’m back down to sleeping twelve hours, which is more or less normal for me.

I’ve been reading a bit, writing in my journal, but not painting. This blog is almost two years behind.

My care-givers want me to start back going to therapy, but I have no interest in doing that in the immediate future.

I’d gone from being seriously depressed all of April, to feeling decent the first two weeks of May. Now I’m beginning to feel depressed again.

I did manage an art museum outing last Thursday and I actually got myself together enough to attend a wedding back in March.

Every time I see my care-givers they ask if I’ve started hearing voices. I never have. But lately I have been under the delusion I’m hearing music. I suspect it’s just noises from the neighboring apartments or the hum of the cars from the freeway two blocks over.


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