Checking in.

I still haven’t gotten back to working on last year’s journal entries.

My meds worked pretty well in September and October, but not well at all this month due to the usual reasons. I’m to meet with a nurse on Friday and see if he wants to increase my dosage, though I wonder if that will make me sleep even more than I’m already doing.

Last week I dreamt that Miles Davis was a guest on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” and that Davis was, as usual, in a cranky mood, and called Fred Rogers a “honky” and a “white devil,” and said he’d like to strangle him. (This last part was a reference to a 1985 interview where Davis said, “If somebody told me I only had an hour to live, I’d spend it choking a white man. I’d do it nice and slow.”)

Davis then went to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, where King Friday XIII insisted that Davis do a Royal Command Performance. That didn’t sit too well with Davis, who called it “some jive-ass shit,” but he did go ahead with the concert, performing with his back to the king, and playing a rather silly and childish arrangement of a Cyndi Lauper song.


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