Art for sale.

My buddy Hank Ehrenfried is a New Jersey-based artist and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While there, he concentrated on drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography. He’s currently looking to sell off some of his work.

You can see his artwork here:

If you find anything you like, contact him here and discuss prices:


Yes, I’m still around.

I’m sorry for not keeping the blog updated. I’m still getting used to my new depression medication. Most of the side-effects have disappeared except for somnolence: I’ll sleep ten or twelve hours, get up, putter around for two or three hours, then go have a six-hour nap.

Needless to say, I’m not getting much done this way.

I still get depressed and angry, but those moods are less intense and of shorter duration than they used to be.

The medications don’t make me happy or hopeful, or do anything about my anxieties, panic attacks, agoraphobia, or that sort of thing. I have another follow-up visit with my shrink on Tuesday.