Books Read In 2013

(This list is a little deceiving. Starting in August 2013, I got into a big poetry jag. Though I read a great many books of poetry, most were under one-hundred pages in length, and had wide margins. Even the Bukowski books, which in most cases were more than three- or four-hundred pages apiece, still had wide margins, and didn’t take all that long to read.)

Norman Douglas–Old Calabria.

Robert Liddell–Cavafy: A Biography.

Charles Bukowski–The Roominghouse Madrigals: Early Selected Poems, 1946-1966.

Glenn Shirley–Temple Houston: Lawyer With A Gun–A Biography of Sam Houston’s Son.

Beverley Nichols–The Gift of a Garden, or Some Flowers Remembered.

Edith Wharton–Italian Villas and Their Gardens.

Charles Bukowski–There’s No Business.

Charles Bukowski–Bring Me Your Love.

Charles Bukowski–Shakespeare Never Did This.

Charles Bukowski–The Night Torn Mad With Footsteps: New Poems.

Dirk Bogarde–A Postillion Struck By Lightning.

Beverley Nichols–Garden Open Tomorrow.

Kurt Vonnegut–Cat’s Cradle.

Rainer Maria Rilke–The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge.

Will Howard –Arthur’s Austin ABC.

Dirk Bogarde–An Orderly Man.

Virginia Woolf–On Being Ill.

Aldo Buzzi–A Weakness For Almost Everything: Notes On Life, Gastronomy, And Travel.

Sylvia Plath–Ariel.

Blanton Museum of Art: 110 Favorites from the Collection.

M. F. K. Fisher–Long Ago In France: The Years In Dijon.

Jonathan Rubinstein–Joe: The Coffee Book.

Charles Bukowski–Sifting Through The Madness For The Word, The Line, The Way: New Poems.

Joris-Karl Huysmans–Against Nature (À rebours).

Charles Bukowski–Open All Night: New Poems.

Jack Kerouac–You’re A Genius All The Time: Belief and Technique for Modern Prose.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–Northwest Ecolog.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–Time of Useful Consciousness.

Rainer Maria Rilke–Letters To A Young Poet.

Dennis Cooper–The Marbled Swarm.

Thomas Wright–Built of Books: How Reading Defined the Life of Oscar Wilde.

Gregory Corso–Gasoline & The Vestal Lady on Brattle.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–San Francisco Poems.

Henry Miller–My Life and Times.

Mark Finn–Blood & Thunder: The Life & Art of Robert E. Howard.

Steve Leveen–The Little Guide To Your Well-Read Life: How to get more books in your life and more life from your books.

Charles Bukowski–What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire.

W. D. Howells–Italian Journeys.

Dennis Cooper–God Jr

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–Poetry As Insurgent Art.

Harry M. Benshoff–Dark Shadows.

Kurt Vonnegut and Lee Stringer–Like Shaking Hands With God: A Conversation About Writing.

Mark Scroggins–Red Arcadia: Poems.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–Landscapes Of Living & Dying.

Cleopatra Mathis–Book of Dog: Poems.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–How To Paint Sunlight: New Poems/Lyric Poems & Others (1997-2000).

Steven Cramer–Clangings: Poems.

Patricia Kirkpatrick–Odessa: Poems.

Eleni Sikelianos–The Loving Detail of the Living & the Dead: Poems.

Gregory Corso–Long Live Man.

Gregory Corso–Elegiac Feelings American.

Joe Queenan–One For The Books.

Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman–The Dude and the Zen Master.

Henry Miller–The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–A Far Rockaway of the Heart.

Christopher Isherwood–People One Ought To Know.

Sharon Dolin–Whirlwind: Poems.

Allen Ginsberg–Planet News: 1961-1967.

Sophie Cabot Black–The Exchange: Poems.

Richard Blanco–Looking For The Gulf Motel.

Bobby Byrd– On The Transmigration Of Souls In El Paso: Poems.

Eugene Gloria–My Favorite Warlord.

Michael Dickman–The End of the West.

Michael Dickman–Flies.

My Ideal Bookshelf–Art by Jane Mount. Edited by Thessaly La Force.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–The Secret Meaning of Things.

Allen Ginsberg–Poems All Over The Place–Mostly ‘Seventies.

Allen Ginsberg–White Shroud: Poems, 1980-1985.

Robert Creeley–Away.

Jack Kerouac–Pomes All Sizes.

H. R. H. Viktoria Luise, Duchess of Brunswick and Lüneburg, Princess of Prussia–The Kaiser’s Daughter.

Robert M. Hutchins–The Great Conversation: The Substance Of A Liberal Education.

Robert Creeley–If I were writing this.

Michael Collier–An Individual History: Poems.

Henri Cole–Touch: Poems.

J.T. Barbarese–Sweet Spot: Poems.

Jan Beatty–The Switching /Yard.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti–Americus: Book I.

Richard Blanco–City of a Hundred Fires.

Bobby Byrd–The Price of Doing Business in Mexico: Poems.

Allen Ginsberg–Snapshot Poetics: A Photographic Memoir of the Beat Era.

Frank O’Hara–Meditations in an Emergency.

Han-shan–Cold Mountain: 100 Poems, (Translated by Burton Watson).

Susan Wan Dolling–A River in Springtime: My Story of Li Yu in Myth and Poetry.

The Little Treasury of One Hundred People, One Poem Each, (Compiled by Fujiwara no Sadaie, Translated by Tom Galt).

Roland Barthes–Mourning Diary, (Translated by Richard Howard).

Roland Barthes–Incidents, (Translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan).

Robert Creeley–Echoes.

Frederic Raphael–W. Somerset Maugham and His World.

Kenneth Rexroth–One Hundred Poems From the Japanese.

Ken Foster–I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet.

Michael Patrick Gillespie–Inverted Volumes Improperly Arranged: James Joyce and His Trieste Library.

Allen Ginsberg–Howl and Other Poems.

I also listened to the following books on CD, though I don’t count that as reading (and several of these I had actually read before):

Henry Miller–Tropic of Cancer.

Bob Spitz–Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child.

James Ellroy–The Hilliker Curse.

Jack Kerouac–On the Road.

Joyce Johnson–The Voice Is All: The Lonely Victory of Jack Kerouac.

Vladimir Nabokov–Lolita.

Paul Strathern–Schopenhauer in 90 Minutes.

Michael Caine–The Elephant to Hollywood. (Abridged.)

Jack Kerouac–The Sea Is My Brother: The Lost Novel.

William S. Burroughs–Naked Lunch: The Restored Text.

T. C. Boyle–The Women: A Novel.


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