Journal Entries. (April 15–21, 2012.)

Sunday, April 15th–I got up around 3pm or thereabouts, and puttered around. I had a little computer trouble that took awhile getting fixed. (It actually started last night.)…

…[I]t occurred to me that if all else failed, if a company wasn’t willing to shell out to move me elsewhere, I could take out a personal loan to finance a move. I read up on the process, since apart from two student loans in the 1980s, I’ve never taken out loans before, and am unfamiliar with how it’s done. Of course, I’d need to have a job first before I applied for a loan. So I may be stuck having to work here in Austin for awhile before I can ever hope of escaping. That prospect isn’t at all pleasant to me.

But the loan idea cheered me up a bit….

Monday, April 16th–…I got up and learned of the news that some filthy cocksucker of an Austin cop answered a call, went to the wrong address, and killed a man’s dog in cold blood just because the dog was barking at him. I hope that fucking cop gets the same one day.

I took a long, hot walk to Office Max, and arrived out of breath. There was a long line of people to check out, even though they had three or four people working the registers. I bought tax software.

I had a long bus ride, then went to the CVS Pharmacy downtown for something to eat before class, and goddamned if there wasn’t a long line there as well.

I got to [the Tek Skilz offices] and took a shit. When I emerged from the stall, some fat asshole was blocking my way to the sink, washing his hands. He finally got out of my goddamn way.

When I got into the classroom I found this asshole was sitting next to my seat. He was forced over far to his left, because to his right was a young woman in a huge, dune-buggy-sized wheelchair. I put my backpack down on the table between us.

Shortly thereafter the fat guy dared to touch my bag and tried to move it around.

–I need to move your bag around….Is that okay?

–Sure. Go ahead.

–Well, I just need to make sure, since we have to share this space here.

–Sure. Go ahead.

–Well, I just thought I needed to check. You sure you’re okay with my moving the bag?

–[Snapping and blowing up.] YES!!! I SAID, “SURE. GO AHEAD.” HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THAT?!

He then shrank back and whimpered. I looked around, to see if I’d now branded myself “The Crazy Shouting guy” again, but nobody was giving me any sorts of looks. They seemed not to have heard what had just happened.

This week’s class topic is Blogging and Social Media. Tonight we went over Facebook, so I really didn’t learn much that was new.

I got home, walked and played with Belle, took a shower, and worked on my taxes, then learned to my horror I actually owed money for 2011–$270, to be exact….

I retired around 3:30am, without getting any reading done.   

Tuesday, April 17th–…[I mailed off my tax payment, after some runaround.]

I got to the MAP clinic, and was, as usual, kept waiting a long time. (The last time I was abandoned for over 40 minutes in an examination room.)

The results from my blood and urine tests:

Weight: 252.8 pounds. (I’m probably four or more pounds lighter than that, since I was wearing heavy shoes and had a lot of heavy stuff in my pockets). I’ve actually lost weight since I got on Food Stamps.

Blood Pressure: 129/67

Heart Beat: 89 Beats Per Minute

96.6 Temperature

My liver, kidneys, and blood count were fine, and I had no sign of diabetes.

My thyroid was at 6.7. The normal level is 4.5.

My Vitamin D level was low.

My prostate was good, with only a benign enlargement.

My cholesterol was a little high: My good cholesterol (HDL) was 46 (and should be 40), while my bad cholesterol was 116 (and should be under 100).

The doctor is prescribing meds for my thyroid and Vitamin D, and Flomax for prostate. I said I’d not be able to get them until next week. She said to come back in three months.

I then walked a mile to the Asian supermarket and got some ingredients for my “Big Ass Soup,” as well as stuff to snack on.

I went to UT and had a “splurge” late lunch at the Wendy’s in the Union of large fries and a drink. The stupid fuckers put the fries in the bag incorrectly, so when I took them out half of them spilled all over the table.

I then went to the Harry Ransom Center to see an exhibition on the 400-year history of the King James Bible. Saw a first edition, editions of the Bibles that preceded it, prints by Chagall, Jacob Lawrence, Eric Gill, and others. From thence I went to class.

Tonight’s topic was Twitter. Since I already had a Twitter account, I spent most of the class farting around, looking to see who all I know are on Twitter as well….

I got back to my neighborhood. As I stepped off the bus I saw a dog running fast, with a guy in a car apparently trying to catch him. I ran after the dog to try to help, but he disappeared.

I got home at 10:30pm, having been gone 10 1/2 hours. Belle was upset I’d been away so long. I was hot and exhausted.     

Wednesday, April 18th–I got up at 2:30pm. It took almost 90 fucking minutes for the bus to get me downtown, and once downtown it just crawled. I was afraid I’d be late for class, so I finally got out and walked, and only had enough time to piss before class. We discussed Linked In, Tumbler, and a few more sites, and set up Word Press accounts. I contributed a great deal to the discussion and, indeed, did most of the explaining about Tumbler. (Yes, that’s how I spell it.) The instructor encouraged me to talk with one of their career counselors.

I got back to my neighborhood and went by HEB to buy trash bags, and a few other items, before going home to Belle. I was exhausted, and didn’t especially want to stay up very late.

Thursday, April 19th–I woke much earlier than I wanted to, and Belle mistakenly thought I was getting up for the day. Instead, I just got up to piss, and went back to sleep until my alarm rang. I had some dream involving a compound of houses owned by some artistic, Bohemian couple who’d traveled all over the world.

I got to class after another long bus ride. Tonight was the last class in Blogging and Social Media, and we talked strictly about Word Press.  After I got back to my neighborhood I bought some groceries at HEB, and got home a little before 11pm, exhausted, and with a sore back. I puttered around and retired around 7am.

Friday, April 20th–I woke at 8pm. I really needed that long sleep.

I finished Erle Stanley Gardner’s “The Case of the Baited Hook,” and began Aldous Huxley’s “Point Counter Point.”

Saturday, April 21st–I woke around 5:30pm. The main event tonight was making my Big Ass Soup, which, I must admitted, lacked a little je ne sais quoi.

An eye for an eye…is pretty damn satisfying.

I read in Huxley, and forget when I retired–probably mid-morning. I was following the Twitter feed of a search in Britain for a lost Beagle named Louis.


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