Monday, February 2nd–I watched “Slumdog Millionaire.”
Wednesday, February 11th–I watched “The Reader.”
Sunday, February 15th–I watched “Gran Torino.”
Monday, February 16th–I watched “Steamboat Bill, Jr.” at the Austin Cinematheque.
Tuesday, February 24th–I watched “Islands in the Stream.”
Wednesday, February 25th–I watched “The Times of Harvey Milk.”
Thursday, February 26th–I watched “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.”
Saturday, February 28th–I watched “Waltz With Bashir.”
Sunday, March 1st–I watched “Bukowski: Born Into This.”
Monday, March 2nd–I watched “Death of a Cyclist” at the Cinematheque and “Triumph of the Will” and “Y Tu Mama Tambien” at home.
Saturday, March 7th–I watched “Last Tango in Paris.”
Monday, March 9th–I watched “Cria Cuervos” at the Cinematheque.
Monday, March 30th–I watched Jules and Jim” at the Cinematheque.
Saturday, April 4th–I watched “Adventureland.”
Monday, April 6th–I watched “Pickpocket” at the Cinematheque.”
Wednesday, April 8th–Therapy.
Saturday, April 11th–I watched “The Ten Commandments.”
Easter Sunday, April 12th–I watched “The Passion of the Christ.”
Monday, April 13th–I watched “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”
Tuesday, April 14th–I went to the library, watched the extras for “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” and also “A Wrinkle in Time.”
Wednesday, April 15th–I paid my taxes and went to therapy.
Thursday, April 16th–I watched “The Razor’s Edge” and “About Schmidt.”
Sunday, April 19th–I watched “The Andersonville Trial” and “Gregory’s Girl.”
Wednesday, April 22nd–Therapy.
Friday, April 24th–I watched “Paris ’36.”
Sunday, April 26th–I watched some of “Five Red Herrings.”
Monday, April 27th–I went to the PCL, watched “Gigantic” at the Dobie, and finished “Five Red Herrings” at home.
Saturday, May 2nd–I watched “Cracker: The Mad Woman in the Attic” and “Cracker: To Say I Love You.”
Sunday, May 3rd–I went to the duck pond and Barnes and Noble, and watched the Tyrone  Power version of “The Razor’s Edge” and “Cracker: One Day A Lemming Will Fly.”
Monday, May 4th–I watched “The Belly of an Architect.”
Tuesday, May 5th–I watched “Lymelife.”
Wednesday, May 6th–Therapy.
Thursday, May 7th–I did a lot of photo-copying.
Friday, May 8th–I went by the Yarborough branch of the public library.
Saturday, May 9th–I walked 3.2 miles.
Wednesday, May 13th–I went to therapy and walked 1.5 miles.
Thursday, May 14th–I went to the Austin History Center, the Architecture Library, and the PCL, and walked 2.5 miles.
Friday, May 15th–I went to the Austin History Center and walked 1.5 miles.
Saturday, May 16th–I walked 3.2 miles.
Sunday, May 17th–I went to the duck pond and walked 2.5 miles.
Wednesday, May 20th–I went to therapy and walked 1.5 miles.
Friday, May 22nd–I went to two MAP appointments and Walgreens.
Saturday, May 23rd–I walked 3.2 miles, went to Walgreens, and a news stand, and watched “Les Vampyres” Part 10 and the extras.
Sunday, May 24th–I watched “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”
Monday, May 25th–I went to the duck pond, watched “Cracker” (which episode?), and “In The Realms Of The Unreal.”
Wednesday, May 27th–I went to a MAP appointment, an MHMR appointment, another MAP appointment, and therapy.
Monday, June 1st–I got $23 for some books I sold at Half-Price Books.
Wednesday, June 3rd--I went to therapy and the UT campus.
Thursday, June 4th--I ate at Veggie Heaven and went to a company event at the “Austin City Limits” sound stage.
Saturday, June 6th–I got $16 for books I sold to Half-Price Books.
Wednesday, June 10th–I went to therapy, got $63 for books I sold to Half-Price Books, went to HEB, and watched “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”
Thursday, June 11th–I went to the thyroid doctor, got $16 for books I sold to Half-Price Books, went to Barnes and Noble, then got stuck at Amy’s Ice Cream when a huge storm rolled in.
Friday, June 12th–I got $40.25 for books I sold at Half-Price Books.
Saturday, June 13th–I got $7 for a truck load books I sold at Half-Price Books, went to Fry’s Electronics, and watched the “Fear and Loathing” extras and “Thumbsucker.”
Friday, June 19th–I got $12 for books I sold at Half-Price Books, and watched six episodes of “The Avengers.”
Saturday, June 20th–I got my broken phone line fixed and watched four episodes of “The Avengers.”
Sunday, June 21st–I watched five episodes of “The Avengers.”
Monday, June 22nd–I got a replacement computer and watched three episodes of “The Avengers.”
Saturday, June 27th–I ate at Veggie Heaven and went to a four hour grant writing class, where I was told that grant writing is not suited for freelance writers.
Monday, June 29th–I got my phone line fixed again and my repaired computer returned.
Wednesday, July 1st–Therapy.
Thursday, July 2nd–Walked 3.2 miles.
Friday, July 3rd–Walked 3.2 miles.
Sunday, July 5th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Monday, July 6th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Wednesday, July 8th–I went to therapy, a pet shop, and a Buddhism lecture.
Friday, July 10th–I went to Half-Price Books.
Saturday, July 11th–I went to a vegetarian Meet-up Group at The Clay Pit.
Sunday, July 12th–I went to an ADD Meet-up Group.
Monday, July 13th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Tuesday, July 14th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Wednesday, July 15th–I went to therapy, a pet shop, and a Buddhism lecture.
Thursday, July 16th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Friday, July 17th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Saturday, July 18th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Sunday, July 19th–Walked 4.74 miles.
Monday, July 20th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Tuesday, July 21st–Walked 3.2 miles.
Wednesday, July 22nd–Therapy.
Thursday, July 23rd–Walked 3.2 miles.
Friday, July 24th–I went to therapy, and went with Matt to Whole Foods.
Saturday, July 25th–I attended the Austin For Iran March and was asked by an organizer to take photos and post them to the “Huffington Post.”
Sunday, July 26th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Monday, July 27th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Tuesday, July 28th–I watched “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and walked four miles.
Wednesday, July 29th–I went to therapy, a pet shop, and a Buddhism lecture.
Thursday, July 30th–I went to see “Star Trek” and walked four miles.
Friday, July 31st–I was sick, but managed to walk 3.2 miles.
Saturday, August 1st–I ate at Hai Ky and went to my second four-hour grant writing class.
Sunday, August 2nd–Walked 3.2 miles.
Monday, August 3rd–I watched “[500] Days of Summer” and walked over 3.2 miles.
Tuesday, August 4th–Walked 3.2 miles.
Wednesday, August 5th–I went to therapy and a Buddhism lecture.
Thursday, August 6th–I went to the eye doctor and Barnes and Noble and had a big panic attack.
Friday, August 7th–I went to the thyroid doctor.
Saturday, August 8th–I worked (on what?) and went to the Great Hills Park.
Sunday, August 9th–Work.
Monday, August 10th–Work.
Tuesday, August 11th–I went to see “Little Ashes,” then went to the duck pond and Barnes and Noble, then watched “Whatever Works,” and worked.
Wednesday, August 12th–I went for acupuncture treatment in South Austin, then attended the Buddhism lecture.
Thursday, August 13th–I went to therapy and had another panic attack.
Friday, August 14th–I had another panic attack.
Saturday, August 15th–I went to the Lakeline Mall Barnes and Noble and nearby shops, then the mall itself, where I saw “Julie and Julia.”
Sunday, August 16th–Did I walk 3.3 miles?
Monday, August 17th–I watched “Le Petit Soldat.”
Tuesday, August 18th–I went to acupuncture and watched “The Soft Skin.”
Wednesday, August 19th–I had another panic attack and watched “In The Name Of The Father.”
Thursday, August 20th–I watched “Zero De Conduite” and “Le Chinoise,” and had another panic attack.
Friday, August 21st–I went to an MHMR appointment and Half-Price Books.
Sunday, August 23rd–I watched “8 1/2.”
Monday, August 24th–I watched “8 1/2” extras.
Tuesday, August 25th–I went to acupuncture and watched “8 1/2” extras.
Wednesday, August 26th–I had a terrible case of food poisoning, had diarrhea for fourteen straight hours, a little vomiting, and hives all over my body for five hours. I went to the emergency room and was soon put right.
Thursday, August 27th–I went to therapy and a company meeting.
Friday, August 28th–I ate at Fire Bowl Cafe, went to Barnes and Noble, and watched “Taking Woodstock.”
Saturday, August 29th–Walked 3.3 miles.
Tuesday, September 1st–Acupuncture.
Thursday, September 3rd–I went to an early morning appointment at Brackenridge Hospital, then therapy at noon.
Saturday, September 5th–Steve Daniels is in town. He called me up, drunk, after a night on the town, and spent about an hour chewing me out for being a vegetarian.
Sunday, September 6th–I had a strained brunch with Steve, then went to Book People and an ADD Meet-up Group, and back to Book People.
Tuesday, September 8th–Acupuncture.
Wednesday, September 9th–I went to a company party and was invited to come out to a company conference in Santa Monica, on their dime!
Thursday, September 10th–Therapy.
Wednesday, September 16th–Acupuncture.
Thursday, September 17th–Therapy.
Wednesday, September 23rd–I flew to LA, went by my hotel, went to the Getty Center, looked around Santa Monica, checked into my hotel, explored the Pier and beach, and sat in the hotel hot tub.
Thursday, September 24th–I was at the Conference all day, then was taken out for a fancy meal, spent a few hours in a bar, then went back to the Pier and beach.
Friday, September 25th–The Conference wrapped up this morning. I then toured the company headquarters, went into Hollywood and checked out Graumann’s Chinese Theatre and a few tacky gift shops, shopped at the Larry Edmunds Bookstore, then went back to Santa Monica, and moved from my hotel to my friend Jeremy’s house in Venice. Then Jeremy and his fiancee Nicole took me to a swanky restaurant called Le Grande Orange.
Saturday, September 26th–After a leisurely brunch at Jeremy’s, I went into downtown LA, ate at Clifton’s Cafeteria, went by a bookstore and the downtown Public Library, caught the view from Angels Flight, walked through the Grand Central Market, just missed getting to see inside the Bradbury Building, walked through the very dangerous 2nd Street Tunnel, walked around the exterior of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, almost got run over in front of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion while trying to take pictures of City Hall, sat in on a wedding at Our Lady, Queen of Angels Cathedral, explored the crypt there, then went over to Chinatown to prowl and have dinner at Hop Louie.
Sunday, September 27th–I spent most of the afternoon at the glorious Huntington Library, Art Galleries, and Botanical Gardens, then went to Hollywood, tracked down Charles Bukowski’s old house and took a shard of brick as a souvenir, ate at a vegetarian Indian restaurant, then went shopping at Amoeba Music.
Monday, September 28th–I spent the morning at the Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery, then the afternoon at the LA County Museum of Art.
Tuesday, September 29th–I explored Venice, went by Dennis Hopper’s house, ate at Abbot’s Habit, then prowled the Venice Boardwalk. I went back to Jeremy’s, got packed up, took a taxi to LAX, got in late, was picked up by James and Nyssa, and told them all about the trip at a Whataburger.
Wednesday, September 30th–Acupuncture.
Thursday, October 1st–Therapy.
Monday, October 5th–I watched “Pandora’s Box” at the Cinematheque.
Tuesday, October 6th–I watched “Day For Night.”
Wednesday, October 7th–I went to acupuncture and went to see “Bright Star.”
Saturday, October 10th–I ate at Elevation Burger, went to Barnes and Noble, and watched “Inventing LA” online.
Wednesday, October 14th–Acupuncture.
Thursday, October 15th–I went to therapy and the PCL and saw “Paris.”
Monday, October 19th–I ate at Hykai Cafe, went to the Architecture Library, and saw Fassbinder’s “Lola” at the Cinematheque.
Wednesday, October 21st–I went to acupuncture and Whole Foods, saw “Where The Wild Things Are,” and went by Barnes and Noble.
Monday, October 26th–I ate at the Dobie Food Court, went to the Architecture Library, and saw “Vagabond” at the Cinematheque.
Tuesday, October 27th–I watched “Mississippi Mermaid.”
Wednesday, October 28th–I went to acupuncture and watched “Fahrenheit 451.”
Sunday, November 1st–I watched “There Will Be Blood.”
Monday, November 2nd–For my 46th birthday I went to the Cinematheque to see, appropriately enough, “Repulsion.”
Tuesday, November 3rd–My friends Jennifer, Darren, and Tim took me to dinner at Mother’s Cafe, and I watched “Patton.”
Wednesday, November 4th–I went to acupuncture, ate at Drunk Fish, and went to Barnes and Noble.
Thursday, November 5th–I went to therapy and watched “New York, I Love You,” which wasn’t very good.
Friday, November 6th–I went to the thyroid clinic and watched “Chelsea on the Rocks.”
Sunday, November 8th–I watched “Coco Before Chanel” and episodes 1-8 of “Action.”
Monday, November 9th–I watched episodes 9-13 of “Action” and 9-11 of “Philip Marlowe.”
Tuesday, November 10th–I watched episodes 5-8 of “Philip Marlowe.”
Wednesday, November 11th–I went to Kinko’s and acupuncture.
Thursday, November 12th–I went to therapy and ate at Marraskesh.
Friday, November 13th–I had an early morning appointment at Brackenridge Hospital, went to the library and Barnes and Noble, and went to see “Pirate Radio” and “Bronson.”
Saturday, November 14th–I watched “Made In USA” and “2 Or 3 Things I Know About Her.”
Sunday, November 15th–I watched “The Last Metro.”
Monday, November 16th–My computer was finally fixed today. I ate at Veggie Heaven and watched “The Silence” at the Cinematheque.
Wednesday, November 18th–I went to acupuncture, Kinko’s, and Barnes and Noble.
Thursday, November 19th–I went to therapy, the 360 Primo coffee house, and watched “Fast Food Nation.”
Monday, November 30th–I went to Barnes and Noble.
Wednesday, December 2nd–Acupuncture.
Thursday, December 3rd–I went to therapy. My old glasses fell off my nose and broke as I caught them.
Friday, December 4th–I got new glasses and went to Barnes and Noble.
Saturday, December 5th–I watched “Mishima.”
Sunday, December 6th–I watched the “Mishima” extras, “Alfie,” and “Duma,” and went to HEB.
Thursday, December 10th–I went to therapy, ate at Marrakesh, and went by Kinko’s.
Friday, December 11th–I went by Barnes and Noble, and watched “Me and Orson Welles” and some episodes of “Lovejoy.”
Saturday, December 12th–I watched some more episodes of “Lovejoy.”
Tuesday, December 22nd–Therapy.
Wednesday, December 23rd–Acupuncture.
Friday, December 25th–I went to the Arbor and watched “The Young Victoria” and “Up In The Air.”
Monday, December 28th–I watched “He Walked By Night” and “The Great Rupert.”
Wednesday, December 30th–I went to therapy and acupuncture.

My income for the year was $6600.


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