Friday, January 25th--I went to see “There Will Be Blood.”
Thursday, February 7th–I ate lunch at Amaya’s, went to therapy and Barnes and Noble, and went to see “There Will Be Blood” again.
Friday, February 22nd–I watched “Adolf and Eva” and “Triumph of the Will.”
Saturday, February 23rd–I watched “There Will Be Blood” and “Triumph of the Will.”
Sunday, February 24th–I watched the Oscars and “Downfall.”
Tuesday, February 26th–I went to the Austin History Center twice, then the Downtown Public Library, and Half-Price Books, wrote an article, and watched “Triumph of the Will” yet again, as well as “The Ballad of Jack and Rose.”
Saturday, March 1st–I watched “No Country For Old Men.”
Friday, March 7th–I went to Wal-Mart.
Tuesday, March 11th–I watched “Lawrence of Arabia.”
Thursday, March 13th–Therapy.
Monday, March 17th–I had an appointment with my MHMR doctor.
Wednesday, March 19th–I went to a company party downtown. The guest of honor was Lance Armstrong.
Thursday, March 20th–Therapy.
Friday, March 21st–I watched “Sexy Beast” twice and two episodes of “Dark Shadows Revisited.”
Saturday, March 22nd–I watched “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” and “The Architecture of Doom.”
Thursday, March 27th–I went to see a movie called “Water,” thinking it was a melodrama from India. It turned out to be a sort of New Age documentary, but it was fascinating nonetheless.
Sunday, March 30th–I sorted through my books and watched “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.”
Monday, March 31st–I sorted more through my books, met with my Case Worker, got paid, went to Barnes and Noble, and watched “The Crucible.”
Friday, April 4th–I went to Costco, Office Depot, Boston Market, and Barnes and Noble, then went to see “In Bruges.”
Wednesday, April 9th–I watched “There Will Be Blood.”
Saturday, April 12th–I watched “Triumph of the Will” and “Family Guy.”
Sunday, April 13th–I watched “Family Guy.”
Tuesday, April 15th–I went to group therapy.
Thursday, April 17th–Therapy.
Sunday, April 20th–I ate at Joe’s Crab Shack, then later with Tim at Kerbey Lane Cafe.
Tuesday, April 22nd–I ate at Stubb’s.
Thursday, April 24th–I had my last therapy session with my first therapist.
Friday, April 25th–I went with Tim, Mike Kahoe, and others, to the Cap City Comedy Club.
Saturday, April 26th–I saw Dru’s band, The Perilous Tide, at The Parlor.
Sunday, April 27th–I went to Jennifer Berbas’s for dinner.
Wednesday, April 30th–I met my new therapist and watched “My Boy Jack.”
Friday, May 9th–I watched “Sin City” and the Albert Finney version of “The Gathering Storm.”
Sunday, May 11th–I watched “Descent” and “Bukowski: Born Into This.”
Wednesday, May 14th–Therapy.
Friday, May 16th–Group therapy.
Tuesday, May 20th–I met with a writer from the local alternative weekly at the big Schlotzsky’s on Town Lake. She had screwed up the date of our meeting and was very late. I also got together with Jonathan Hiatt and took him down to Whole Life Books. He was blown away.
Wednesday, May 21st–Therapy.
Thursday, May 22nd–I went to Whole Life for a presentation given by Tibetan Buddhist monks. Jonathan met me there briefly.
Monday, May 26th–I watched “Call It Murder.”
Wednesday, May 28th–Therapy.
Friday, May 30th–I went to Barnes and Noble and watched “Priceless.”
Sunday, June 1st–I went to see “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”
Monday, June 2nd–I watched “Small Change” and “La Chinoise.”
Wednesday, June 4th–Therapy.
Wednesday, June 11th–Therapy.
Friday, June 13th–I watched “Borderline.”
Tuesday, June 17th–I had an appointment with my MHMR doctor.
Friday, June 20th–I went to see “Roman De Gare.”
Saturday, June 21st–I watched “The Chronicle of Narnia: Prince Caspian.”
Sunday, June 22nd–I watched “Moulin Rouge.”
Tuesday, June 24th–I went to group therapy and Half-Price Books.
Wednesday, June 25th–Therapy.
Saturday, June 28th–I got paid, went to my writer’s group, and went with my buddy Jason and his wife to see “War, Inc.”
Monday, June 30th–I got paid again.
Wednesday, July 2nd–Therapy. I watched “Hitler in Colour.”
Wednesday, July 9th–Therapy.
Thursday, July 10th–I watched “Gonzo” and “When Did You Last See Your Father?”
Sunday, July 20th–I watched “The Big Lebowski.”
Wednesday, July 23rd–I went to therapy, watched “The Dark Knight,” went to Barnes and Noble, and watched “The Big Lebowski” again.
Friday, July 25th–Group therapy.
Tuesday, July 29th–I had appointments at MHMR–one with a nurse, and the other to assess my financial situation.
Wednesday, July 30th–Therapy.
Friday, August 1st–I went to Barnes and Noble and watched the new version of “Brideshead Revisited.”
Wednesday, August 6th–Therapy.
Saturday, August 9th–I went to Jennifer Berbas’s house to celebrate Tim’s birthday.
Wednesday, August 13th–Therapy.
Wednesday, August 20th–Therapy.
Saturday, August 23rd–I went to my writing group.
Friday, August 29th–I went to group therapy and badly injured myself when I fell down, running to catch a bus. I cut my leg and knee up in several places. I went by Matt’s office to say hello, and he took me to the first aid kit in his break room and bandaged me up, and also gave me a bunch of bandages and things to take along with me. I hobbled on to the PCL, where after over thirty years of searching, I found the floor plans to Mark Twain’s final home, “Stormfield,” and photocopied them. Then I went to see “Hallam Foe” (or as they’re billing it in the States, “Mr. Foe”) at the Dobie. And after all that, I went back to my neighborhood and shopped at HEB.
Tuesday, September 2nd–I went to an appointment with my MHMR doctor.
Friday, September 5th–I went to see “Pineapple Express.” While I was waiting out in the hallway I saw two couples in their thirties stumble out of “Brideshead Revisited” staring at the carpet and looking rather shell-shocked. One of the women was shaking her head and moaning, as if in a daze, “Nothing…nothing…in the advertisements gave me any indications that there would be boys kissing in that movie.” What a stupid bitch.
Tuesday, September 9th–I went to the State Capitol to research an article I was doing, and from there on to the Texas Memorial Museum, the Center for American History, the Benson Latin American Library, the Classics Library, the PCL, the Life Sciences Library, and the Architecture Library. I did extensive photo-copying and picture-taking, and wrapped up this very productive day with a dinner at Madam Mam’s.
Wednesday, September 17th–Therapy.
Thursday, September 18th–I went downtown and to the Downtown Public Library.
Friday, September 19th–I watched “Vicky Christina Barcelona.”
Wednesday, September 24th–Therapy.
Friday, September 26th–Group therapy.
Saturday, September 27th–I prowled around the North Loop shopping district and went to Half-Price Books.
Monday, September 29th–After months without a Case Worker, I met my new one today.  Then I went to see “The Crowd” at the Cinematheque.
Wednesday, October 1st–Therapy.
Wednesday, October  8th–Therapy.
Friday, October 10th–I filmed a thirty-second advertising spot for the company, met with my friend Jeremy, then farted around the Downtown Public Library.
Monday, October 13th--I saw “Little Fugitive” at the Cinematheque.
Tuesday, October 14th–I went down to see an MHMR nurse, but the appointment got re-scheduled.
Wednesday, October 15th–Therapy.
Friday, October 17th–I met with my Case Worker.
Friday, October 24th–I went to an appointment with an MHMR nurse. It was, as usual, pointless and a complete waste of time.
Friday, October 25th–I went to see “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.”
Monday, October 27th–I went to the Stitt Library and took a bunch of pictures, and thence across the UT campus to the PCL. Then I watched “Ivan’s Childhood” at the Cinematheque.
Tuesday, October 28th–Group therapy.
Wednesday, October 29th–Therapy.
Thursday, October 30th–Today was the second anniversary of my beloved Fred’s death. I decided to embrace vegetarianism.
Friday, October 31st–I watched “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,” “Nosferatu,” and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.”
Sunday, November 2nd–For my 45th birthday I watched “Patton” and “There Will Be Blood.”
Tuesday, November 4th–Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. The lines at polling places all over the country were astounding.
Monday, November 10th–I had lunch with Jonathan, went to the Downtown Public Library and the Architecture Library, then watched “The Cranes Are Flying” at the Cinematheque. I finally got a long delayed payment for a writing assignment. By the time I went to bed I’d been awake for 32 straight hours.
Wednesday, November 12th–Therapy.
Monday, November 17th–I went to the Architecture Library, and saw “Les Bonnes Femmes” at the Cinematheque.
Wednesday, November 19th–Therapy.
Friday, November 21st–I went to group therapy and the Downtown Public Library.
Saturday, November 22nd–I watched “The Wages of Fear.”
Sunday, November 23rd–I watched “The Nine Tailors.”
Monday, November 24th–I went to the Architecture Library and saw “A Murmur of the Heart” at the Cinematheque.
Wednesday, November 26th–I went to therapy, then saw “Plan 9 From Outer Space” and “Henri Langlois: Phantom of the Cinematheque.”
Friday, November 28th–I was sick with a cold and allergies.
Saturday, November 29th–I watched “Foolish Wives.”
Sunday, November 30th–I watched “La Terre.”
Monday, December 1st–I watched “If….” at the Cinematheque.
Tuesday, December 2nd–I went to an appointment with my MHMR doctor, then to Target, watched “Quantum of Solace,” and then went by Barnes and Noble.
Wednesday, December 3rd–Therapy.
Wednesday, December 10th–I went to therapy and Barnes and Noble, then watched “Milk.”


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