Tuesday, January 16th–There was an ice storm. I watched “Henri Langlois: Phantom of the Cinematheque.”
Wednesday, January 17th–The ice storm continued.
Thursday, January 18th–I returned to work. Though the company had a stated policy, posted in black and white on the wall of the break room, that any day that Austin Independent School District had to take off on account of weather, we’d get a paid day off, they decided to reverse themselves. They posted a new notice, without bothering to take down the original one, stating that we could come in and work double shifts and get time-and-a-half if we’d like, but they weren’t paying for our weather days. Though I need the money, I’ll be damned if I’m going to do the double shifts.
Saturday, January 27th–I went to see “Babel.”
Friday, February 2nd–I went to see “The Painted Veil.”
Saturday, February 3rd–I watched “Venus.”
Sunday, February 4th–I was sick.
Tuesday, February 6th–I was sick and had two teeth extracted. I had my first, blissful experience of laughing gas.
Thursday, February 8th–I was sick.
Friday, February 9th–I watched “God Grew Tired Of Us.”
Friday, February 23rd–I watched a restoration of “Becket.”
I think at some point this month I quit my shitty job.
Sunday, March 4th–I watched “The Lives Of Others.”
Saturday, March 10th–I watched “Iraq In Fragments.”
Wednesday, March 21st–I watched “Miss Potter” and “The Italian.”
Saturday, March 24th–I watched “Pan’s Labyrinth.”
Friday, March 30th–I watched “The Namesake” and “The Lookout.”
Saturday, April 21st–I watched “Avenue Montaigne” and “Everything’s Gone Green.”
Tuesday, May 1st–I watched “Into Great Silence.”
At some point this month I reluctantly applied for a job I really didn’t want at a religious goods, gifts, and book store. To my horror, I actually was hired.
Monday, June 18th–I went to Barnes and Noble and watched “Paris Je T’aime.”
Sunday, June 24th–I watched “La Vie En Rose.”
Thursday, June 28th–I went by St. Mary’s downtown, then went to St. Louis Church for Adoration.
Friday, June 29th–I watched “Paris, Je T’aime” and “Sicko.”
Tuesday, August 7th--I signed up with the Austin Travis County Mental Health and Mental Retardation agency to get my psychological problems treated.
Thursday, August 9th–I went to another MHMR appointment. I was told I had been diagnosed as Bi-Polar, Level II.
Wednesday, August 15th–I went to an MHMR appointment and a group therapy session. Later on, I met with Matt.
Monday, August 20th–I met my new Case Worker.
Tuesday, August 21st–I went to four group therapy sessions.
Thursday, August 23rd–I went to one group therapy session, then went by San Jose Catholic Church and looked around.
Saturday, August 25th–I watched “2 Days In Paris.”
Monday, August 27th–I was sick.
Tuesday, August 28th–I had a long phone call with the IRS.
Wednesday, August 29th–I had an evaluation at work.
Thursday, August 30th–I had an appointment with my MHMR doctor.
Friday, August 31st–I was put on the medication Lamictal.
Tuesday, September 4th--I went to my regular doctor for a blood test.
Wednesday, September 5th–I went to the Dobie to see “Rocket Science.”
Thursday, September 6th–I had an MHMR appointment, then went elsewhere in East Austin for my first appointment with my new therapist.
Saturday, September 8th–I went to see “Superbad.”
Thursday, September 13th–I went to therapy. My friend Gary made a surprise visit to my apartment. I’d probably not seen him in a couple of years.
Saturday, September 15th–I had a major psychological meltdown today.
Tuesday, September 18th–I went to group therapy and hung out at a coffee house.
Thursday, September 20th–Therapy.
Friday, September 21st–I had a major mental meltdown and panic attack, got sick, and eventually wound up going to Half-Price Books.
Saturday, September 22nd–I watched “The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Bob Ford.”
Monday, September 24th–I had an unusual day today, especially after work. I had dinner at Mekong River.
Tuesday, September 25th–I went to group therapy and met with my Case Worker.
Thursday, September 27th–I met with my Case Worker and went to therapy.
Friday, September 28th–I watched “December Boys.”
Thursday, October 4th–I went to therapy and watched “Across The Universe.”
Saturday, October 6th–I got paid and found a cat.
Tuesday, October 9th–I had an appointment with an MHMR nurse.
Wednesday, October 10th–I was sick.
Thursday, October 11th–Therapy.
Saturday, October 13th–I was sick.
Tuesday, October 16th–I went to an appointment for the MAP (Medical Assistance Program).
Thursday, October 18th–I had an appointment with an MHMR nurse.
Saturday, October 20th–I got paid.
Sunday, October 21st–I watched “Blade Runner.”
Monday, October 22nd–I watched “The 400 Blows.”
Tuesday, October 23rd–I went to therapy and watched “Antoine et Colette.”
Wednesday, October 24th–I was so sick today that after work a co-worker took me to an after-hours clinic. After X-rays and other tests, I was diagnosed with bronchitis.
Thursday, October 25th–I was sick, but managed to watch “Stolen Kisses.”
Friday, October 26th–I was still sick, but watched “Bed and Board” and “Paulie.”
Saturday, October 27th–Sick.
Sunday, October 28th–Sick.
Monday, October 29th–I met with my Case Worker, but remained sick.
Tuesday, October 30th–Today was the one year anniversary of Fred’s death. I watched “Love On The Run.”
Wednesday, October 31st–Today, thank God, I was fired from my crappy job. I went to see “Into The Wild.”
Thursday, November 1st–Therapy.
Saturday, November 3rd–Did I get paid today?
Tuesday, November 6th–I went to a MAP appointment and group therapy.
Thursday, November 8th–I went to an MHMR appointment and to therapy.
Tuesday, November 13th–I went to a doctor’s appointment.
Saturday, November 17th–Did I get paid today?
Monday, November 19th–I went to an appointment at an employment agency. Nothing came of it.
Wednesday, November 21st–Therapy.
Thursday, November 22nd–On the way over to Thanksgiving at James’s house, I learned the kitty I’d saved got killed when she bit through an electrical wire at the home of her new owners. At James’s I watched “Amadeus” and “Conan the Barbarian.”
Wednesday, November 28th–I had another doctor’s appointment.
Thursday, November 29th–Therapy.
Friday, November 30th–I watched “Leolo.”
Tuesday, December 4th–I met with my friend Jeremy.
Thursday, December 6th–Therapy.
Sunday, December 9th–I watched “Ragtime.”
Monday, December 10th–I watched “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Maurice.”
Wednesday, December 12th–I went to a MAP appointment.
Thursday, December 13th–Therapy.
Friday, December 15th–I attended five hours of group therapy.
Saturday, December 15th–I attended Clark Perry’s graduation from St. Edward’s University.
Monday, December 17th–I met with my Case Worker.
Tuesday, December 18th–I watched “Atonement.”
Thursday, December 20th–Therapy.
Friday, December 21st--I had an appointment with an MHMR nurse.
Wednesday, December 26th–I watched “Juno.”
Thursday, December 27th–Therapy.
Friday, December 28th–I watched “Walk Hard” and “The Water Horse.”


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