And another introduction.

Fans of my old blog…have, from time to time, approached me, wondered where the blog went. Well, any of you that followed the blog will remember me mentioning my willfully eccentric friend James. He was not only a major figure in my blog and in my life–he also was the official host of the website.

In November 2007 I posted a wordy, yet harmless account, running to many thousands of words, of my Thanksgiving dinner at James’s home. James always claimed he read my blog only to see if I had “libeled” him. And in my Thanksgiving story I had mentioned his surname and that of his wife.

James, who pursues many eccentric behaviors strictly because they entertain him and him alone, had a fit, and accused me of “violating [his] privacy.” I argued that his name was a matter of public knowledge since, among other things, it was listed in the phone book. It’s not like I was publishing his Social Security or credit card numbers. He responded by announcing he was taking down my site. We argued for days about this, with me maintaining that I had a right to write whatever I wanted on my own website. He seemed to think that as host of the site he had veto power.

Apparently this non-issue bothered his wife as well, and so, for her sake, though I thought the matter highly childish and asinine, and that censoring my work was a great violation, I edited out the two surnames. James, however, like a pouting child, still took the site down after that. Over the years he has offered to host me again, provided I give him veto power. And every time he’s suggested this, I’ve told him to go fuck himself.  

In May 2010 I started keeping a more or less daily journal on a Word Document, with the intention of posting it on my blog once I brought it back. but since the blog’s been down since late 2007 or early 2008 I decided to fill in the gaps between January 2007 and May 2010. My chief sources of reference for that period are my daily planners, and readers may find the material gleaned therefrom rather skimpy and dry; they are, for the most part, listings of medical appointments, shops and libraries visited, and movies seen.


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